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Howdy and welcome to Custom made cow whips, bull whips, stock whips, and quirts.

About the whip maker.

My name is Jerry Dean and I am the founder and whip maker. 

I am a second generation cowboy, in 1980 my parents opened a guided horseback riding operation in Cashiers, NC. In 1991 they opened a stable in the Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC.  My wife and I now own and operate the one in Brevard and have since 2003.  We have 10 of the best trail horses going, as well as some of the best guides.  I have the mindset of, “Don’t worry about being the biggest and greatest, focus on being the best you can with what you’ve got.”

We live in a small community called Etowah.  I was born with “Cowboy” in blood, I was riding horses at the old age of 4 years old and started rodeoing at 14.

As a horseman, business man, and rodeo competitor I learned that you always get out more than you put in. If you truly strive to be better you’ll eventually be the best in your class.  I never became a world champion bull rider, nor a world class horseman although I’ve not retired from the horse business yet.  But I do strive to be the best whip maker I can be.

Here at Flying D Whips it’s not about rodeo or horses although they are involved with the use of whips.  Here it’s about great quality custom whips, a working tool to help horse trainers, cow punchers, and whip crackers get the best product at an affordable price.  Every whip ordered is handmade by me from start to finish. I also rarely have any whips in stock, when I do the options can be limited. 

            I love the skill and art of whip making, so I take the time required to make a well balance, tight plaited, good looking whip just for you.  Many whip crackers don’t want or need anything fancy to get the job so they just want black, brown, tan, or white.  That’s great, I appreciate and respect that, if that’s what you want and that’s exactly what I’ll gladly turn out for you.  But, I love a challenge and to be different. I like to craft whips that are individual just like the way God created us. 

So use your imagination as well as your personality and pick those flash colors and patterns.  I can’t say I’d jump at the chance to make a “rainbow” whip, but…

So pick those college teams, major league teams, the color of you chaps or chinks.  Maybe a color combination to match your favorite wild rag, it’s gonna be hanging off your saddle horn and I want you to be proud of it. I also will be happy to brand your wood handles with you ranch brand or initials.           

I stand by and guarantee all my work!  If for some reason there is a defect in the cord, handle, or even workmanship I will insist on making it right.  If you’ve had one of my whips for sometime, or maybe even someone else’s and it starts to wear out or break I will gladly repair it at a reasonable price. 

Horse step on your wood handle, or the darn dog chewed it up?

No problem I can get you a new one for your cow whip, Australian stock, or wood handle bull whip.  If one of my handles break because of a knot in the wood or some other defect I will also gladly replace it.

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            So once again welcome to Flying D Whips, now let’s GET CRACKIN on your order.